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Better Logistics For The Supply Chain

The modern supply chain must evolve to meet new demands and supply chain challenges, and supply chain managers need to plan ahead to keep everything flowing smoothly. A combination of consumer expectations, more routes to market, international complexities and other factors creates significant challenges throughout the supply chain network.

Solving the supply chain challenges we face as a country will require solutions across each step of the supply chain, industries, companies and even countries, however, one glaring issue that must be dealt with is the inefficiencies within the trucking (or Delivery step) industry.

Whereas some say simply adding more trucks and drivers would solve the issue, we surmise that more efficiency and data management and improved communication within the current trucking industry would be a more sustainable solution.

Based on our interviews with multiple trucking companies and drivers (both local and long haul), there is a consistent theme… “hurry up and wait”. Due to the heavy demand, drivers now have choices and those choices often lead to the path of least resistance, which in turn means that some loads are simply ignored in lieu of an easier pickup.

We lack a uniform communication structure between drivers and dispatch. There are no real-time updates on pick and pack from distribution centers or docks leading to long waits for drivers who simple sit in their vehicles instead of being re-routed to an available pick up or simply given a more accurate time of when the pick-up will actually be ready. What we are left with are retailers and consumers being frustrated, higher prices and a lack of available supply of many of the products we need and want.

The Whistle & Thought AI Solution:

Logistic Chain (Blockchain & AI solutions for logistics)
Working with our partner Thought AI, Whistle is creating a universal Blockchain/AI solution that can be integrated with and across existing software platforms, WMS and integrated via a web APP on the driver’s phones or company iPad or tablet. This APP will overlay utilizing real time data to allow drivers to get real-time updates from the shipper and receiver along their routes. If there is a major delay at any point of the chain, the driver will have a chance to be re-routed when necessary and notify the recipient when shipments are delayed or even cancelled so that consumers won’t be left waiting. Another important aspect will be the data communication aspect. Working with the existing software and/or WMS, load and unload time will be recorded so that staffing can be adjusted, inventory can be managed and positioned better if needed, and future pickups can be even more efficient. When a driver picks up an order, the system will also allow them to notify the shipper and receiver so that things like inventory, warehouse space and available staff can be adjusted and ready.

Additional features will include:

  • traffic alerts so alternative routes can be taken,
  • weigh station back-up notifications
  • two-way communication so that should the driver experience any delays the shipper can adjust on their end as needed.

A Message From Henry L Ramsey Jr.

Hello investors, clients and partners! We are indeed living in interesting times but what presents as a challenge can often be an opportunity. And there is no better time than this to be involved in the clean, renewable and alternative energy space. We see what the demand for fossil and traditional fuels means to the world’s economy and more importantly our environment. Moreover, our dependency on those who control these traditional fuels have made it abundantly clear that they will forever price these fuels at their leisure.

I was appointed president of Whistle LLC. (#DKGR) With one goal in mind, bring new and affordable alternative energy solutions to the US and the world. That journey, although in its infancy, has begun.

Whistle LLC, under my leadership will establish itself on 3 pillars:
1.) Be a leader in the creation and development of new and more advanced energy and software solutions.
2.) Bring awareness to the business and consumer communities to make adoption of these technologies more acceptable.
3.) Grow Whistle LLC as fast as possible by partnering, acquiring and leveraging existing and new relationships with current providers and new energy companies.

Innovation is happening right now, all around us, whether we participate in it or not. Everything is moving at an accelerated pace, including technological breakthroughs, and, in some cases, things that had previously taken many small steps can now be achieved in a single bound. Everyday, we see new breakthroughs in battery, solar, waste and bio fuels.

Whistle’s executive is currently being established. Lead by myself, our new CTO Mr. Douglas Beeler, who’s software and technical expertise is vast and will definitely keep us ahead of the curve. Mr. Joshua Colbert our new CMO who will be critical in effectively educating and informing our target clients and customers about Whistle as a whole and the entire clean energy sector and its breakthroughs and lastly Mr. Fred Underwood, who has graciously agreed to become our lead solar consultant. Mr. Underwood will be critical in a variety of solutions as solar will be a critical piece of a variety of our energy products.
As we move forward we continue to look for executives with proven expertise “been there done that” in these various roles to help get us to the next level.

We know that because of the efforts of our phenomenal team, we will not only survived 2022 in a transitioning economy, we will thrive. We want 2022 to be successful for the company and for you. It’s an incredible feeling to know that when I go out to clients – both existing and potential, that there’s no way I can oversell the competency and commitment of my team.
Thank you for being a part. I am always here for you.

Henry L. Ramsey Jr.

Henry L. Ramsey Jr.